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Since the entire city was declared as a World Heritage Site in 1982, the number of people looking for Florence tourist information has skyrocketed. It's no secret that this gem of a city literally gave birth to the Italian Renaissance and its unparalleled cultural beauty keeps people coming back for more. If it's your first time visiting, prepare to fall in love and keep this tourist information nearby as a helpful guide.

If the architecture doesn't get you excited, the weather will. Florence offers a Mediterranean climate that some say is borderline humid subtropical. Summers are hot and humid with July boasting an average high temperature of 31.1°C. January is the coldest month but it rarely dips below double digits still. Summer is extremely dry, only offering a handful of rainy days while November and December see most of the precipitation.

If you are looking for tourist information regarding getting around and public transportation, the most important thing to know is that you want to get a Firenze Card . This is a 72-hour pass that costs 50 euro, allowing you free transportation and access to 30 museums for 72 hours from the time of purchase.

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Most major attractions are within walking distance of one another. There is so much to take in here that it really does need to be explored on foot. Bicycles are another convenient way to explore and can be rented at many locations throughout the city. Some places even offer bike tours if you have a day free and you want to participate.

Hailing a taxi in Florence can be challenging so it is recommended to call for one. You should know that taxis are costly here and tipping is generally not expected unless your driver helps you with luggage.

Public busses are very inexpensive and make stops pretty much everywhere you want to go. You can buy single rides but most purchase a four-ride ticket for added convenience. Buses are safe but hold onto your wallets when they're full.

As far as safety tourist information is concerned, very few visitors have any problems in Florence other than theft. Don't set your packages down on the bus or leave your purse open and you should be fine. If you need the police, call 113 from any phone or call 118 for a medical emergency.

While you can brush up on your Italian, Florence is a city where you will find most people speak English, especially those who are under 40. That being said, learning a few Italian words can go a long way in earning respect and making friends.

ATMs are available all over Florence, distributing euro currency. Exchanges can be done at currency exchange booths, post offices or banks and travellers cheques are widely accepted from Travelex, Visa and Amex.


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