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Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance, the focal point of modern European thinking and the home to many artists, politicians, bankers and scientists who shaped the culture of the Western world.

For many, Florence sightseeing is all about art. There are numerous must see museums and churches that visitors flock to. The most famous is the Uffizi Gallery, which has many famous paintings, including the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. There's also the Accademica Galleria, which houses Michaelangelo's David. The Bargello is full of amazing sculptures, and the Pitti Palace houses many art treasures collected by the Medicis, Florence's most famous ruling family. All of these galleries are world-class and so are extremely popular. You should consider buying tickets in advance that allow you to jump to the top of the line if you don't want to spend much of your visit waiting in a lengthy queue.

Florence city tours

Churches are also an important part of any visit to Florence. The Santa Maria del Fiore is Florence's iconic cathedral, which features an enormous dome masterminded by Brunelleschi. Santa Croce is where some of Florence's most famous former residents are buried, including Machiavelli, Michaelangelo, Galileo and many others.

Walking tours of Florence are immensely popular and you'll find them to cater to all tastes. If you're interested in romance, food, medieval Florence, churches and ecclesiastic treasures, then you'll find something to suit. Or, you might want to mix your historical squares and courtyards with something a little racier - in which case, sign up for a walking tour of historic brothels and bordello. All of these tours can be tailored to the specific interest of those in the party, so let your guide know in advance if there's a particular site or topic that you'd like them to cover in as much depth as other visitors and your allotted tour time allows.

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Of course, Tuscany is famous for its wine and cuisine as well as other forms of art. You can take a wine tasting trip, where you'll taste Tuscan wines of many different traditions. A gourmet tour of Bologna will introduce you to the region's specialities, including pasta, chocolate and mortadella, a type of cured Italian sausage. Keen cooks may also be interested in taking one of the many cookery courses in the area that cover Tuscan cuisine - these can focus on a narrow range of ingredients, including offal, or introduce you to a wide range of Tuscan cooking. A specialised gourmet Florence tour or class will be of interest to all foodies worthy of the name.

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Of course, you might be interested in modern Italian style rather than cooking or Renaissance culture. Boys of all ages should consider a tour tailor made for those interested in Italian sports cars, including Ferraris, Ducatis, and Lambourghinis. There's also a shopping tour that covers both stylish and affordable Florentine boutiques - perfect whether you are looking to update your style or just want some classic Italian pieces to give as holiday presents to the people back home.

In short, Florence is a superb destination for anyone who is interested in art, religion or food. There can be a bewildering amount to see, to use guides and queue jump tickets to get the best from your vacation.


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