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Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in world and one of the top travel destinations in Italy. The rolling hills of Tuscany slope down to the river banks and through the cityscape, providing a romantic and serene setting within this historic and cultural rich city. There are some amazing sights and attractions in Florence and the following attractions will give you a good feel of this unique city. Each summer this city comes alive with tourists who come from all corners of the world to see the stunning beauty and many historical sites that make this place so special.

The Statue of David in Florence is quite possible the top attraction in the city and this flawless sculpture by Michelangelo. The statue is the main attraction at the Accedemia and is viewed in huge number each year by travelers from all over the world. When in Florence you absolutely must see this attraction whether it be for religious or artistic, or simply out of pure curiosity. Keep in mind that this attraction can get very busy especially in the summer months. Take the time to see this in person and you will see what all the hype is about.


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The Duomo, also known as the Florence Cathedral is for many the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Florence. This is the main landmark in the city and the gorgeous structure took just over 140 years to fully complete. The dome towers over the city and is quite an impressive site to see. Guided tours are available here and for a small fee and this is an absolute must see when in Florence. Both the inside and outside are worth a look and taking a guided tour to learn the history of this unique location is a must.

The PiazzaleMichealangelo is the place to go to see the best views of the beautiful city of Florence. This is an immensely popular place to visit when in Florence and the hike to the top of the hill is an excellent experience in and of itself. At the top there is a replica of the famous Statue of David and this is an excellent place to come see at dusk. Come with a group of travel friends and be sure to stop into the café and enjoy some great food and sample the delicious local wine.

The Florence Wine Academy is an excellent place to come and learn about the phenomenal local wines that come from the region while sampling them and kicking back with a group of travelers. The staff here is very kind and informative and this has become one of the top attractions around Florence and a great change of pace from a busy day out on the town. No prior wine knowledge is necessary and you will feel at home enjoying great wine among new friends. Book this ahead of time especially in the summer as space does fill up quickly.

Interested in sampling some of the delicious food of Florence? Florence for Foodies is the tour for you. This walking tour will take you on an authentically Italian culinary tour of the city and this is one of the highest rated tours in the city. If you have just gotten into town and are looking for the best spots to grub, then do not miss this tour. The helpful staff will give you a locals look into the area and the local food scene and you will sample some of the best Italian cuisine that you will find anywhere in the world.


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