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Don't be fooled by this sinister looking, brown brick, gothic city, inside it's walls is a treasure trove of history and entertainment. Most famous for it's controversial Palio, bare back horse race, that is held twice a year, Siena is a short trip (35km ) from Florence.

Piazza del Campo
Believed to be one of Italy's most beautiful squares, however, it's more of a bowl than a square. The higher edge is lined with cafes and shops that are mostly filled with tourists.

Torre del Mangia

This is the second tallest tower in Italy, and for the view of a lifetime you can climb the 503 stairs to the top. Piazza del Campo (0577 226 230).


This is one of Italy's first Gothic cathedrals and is filled with stunning mosiacs, marble and artwork. A highlight of this church is the Crypt, located beneath the floor and filled with decorative frescos that are available to be viewed. Piazza del Doumo (0577 283 048).


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