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Tuscan Fare is the delight of Florence and restaurants are in abundance here. The Tuscan food is fresh, locally produced and rich in good quality oils and fresh produce. Antipasto plates are the highlight of Tuscan dining, especially when served with a good chianti. Meat eaters will delight in the fresh juicy steaks produced in the region and of course Pizza is served up in abundance as well. Listed below are just a sample of the dining to be found in Florence.

Eating in Florence can be a highlight of your holiday but there are a few things to be aware of. The eateries in Piazzas and main squares are often over priced and have high service charges, with the food not always the best quality.

Take your time to hunt out the smaller eateries in the side streets. When you read the menu take note of the service charge which ranges from 10-15% and goes on top of your bill, if you are charged servizio you are not required to tip.

There will also be a cover charge, usually 2.50 euro, this covers the bread to your table. Often the menu is displayed before you choose to eat but the wine menu isn't displayed, ask to look at the wine list as it could be more expensive than the food. Water(aqua) is charged as well, the frizzante is akin to soda water or mineral water and naturale is normal bottled water.

Breakfast (la colazione) is usually a very light meal of croissants and coffee. If you order coffee you will be served a short black expresso, if it's a flat white you want it's best to ask for a cappuccino as it is often served as coffee with milk but no chocolate on top. In Florence many cafes have two ordering systems, if you order a coffee and stand at the counter and drink it, you could save up to 3 euros than having it at a table.

If you opt to eat lunch (il pranzo) out it can be better value to order one or two antipasto platters and share with a carafe of wine.

Dinner (la cena) has many courses and sometimes the food just keeps coming and coming. Often the best choices are antipasto, primo piatto, which is usually pasta, risotto's or soups. The secondo piatto is usually a smaller serve of fish, meat or chicken served alone, if you want vegetable or salad there is an extra charge.

Wine can be ordered by the glass, bottle or carafe. Often the carafe is the best option as it is cheaper, the wine is still very good and you can order by half or full, with the full usually being a litre.

Florence budget restaurants

Cibreino, Italian
The “the little brother” of the famous and expensive Cibreo restaurant, offers you a much cozier and friendly atmosphere, although a shorter menu of the dishes cooked in the same kitchen as Cibreo. Save room for the sensational chocolate tarts. Via dei Macci 118, 055/2341100

Osterria delle Belle Donne, Italian
Very colorful and rustic decorated with garlic and hot pepper ropes, this place highlights on the menu the traditional Tuscan dishes, but always giving an alternative. Alfresco dining available if booking on the restaurant's terrace. Via delle Belle Donne 16/r 055/2382609

Quattro Leoni, Italian
Located on a lovely street near Santo Spirito, this is a cozy place to enjoy a traditional Turscan delight – pasta with funghi porcini, pasta with unexpected pears or savory Florentine steaks. Via dei Vellutini 1/r 055/218562

Antico Noe, Fast Food
A great choice for a quick snack on the go with stuffed panini or sandwiches with freshly ingredients - meats, cheeses, veggies and bread, that you can order from a list or design them yourself! The glass wine list is a real bargain. Volta di San Piero 6/r 055/2340838

Il Vegetariano, Vegetarian
Daily selections, self-service and friendly atmosphere – the perfect recipe for a quick lunch stop. The menu is a flavor combination from all over the world – from spicy Tunisian couscous to Tuscan traditional dishes. The place is usually packed. Via delle Ruote 30r 055/475030

Florence mid-range restaurants

Il Latini, Tuscan
Opened in 1950, this restaurant will offer an unforgettable experience, as, even with reservation, you will share the table, the traditional set meal and endless wine with strangers. Arrosto misto (assorted roast meats) would make a great and generous choice for everyone. Via del Palchetti 6r 055/210916

La Giostra, Tuscan
Probably the most popular in Florence for superb food with affordable prices, this place is run by a Hapsburg prince, who fell in love with cooking and became a renowned Chef. Delightful Italian crostini and pasta, together with the old Hapsburg recipe of the lavish Viennese Sachertorte orchestrate an unique and surprising menu. Borgo Pinti 10r 055/241341

Osteria de Benci, Italian
Charming atmosphere, huge portions and lovely hand-painted plates. There's no better place to taste the fresh salumi, and you shouldn't leave Florence before trying their rich cibrèo delle regine – spiced chicken livers and gizzards on toast. Via de'Benci 11-13/r 055/2344923

Florence fine dining

Cibreo, Italian
Without the popular pasta and grilled meat that completely miss from the menu, this famous restaurant gained the prestige with the personalized service and the innovative menu. The waiters will explain point by point the whole list of daily specials, spiced up with the chef's favorite ingredient – the hot pepper. Via Andrea del Verrocchio 8r 055/2341100

L'Osteria di Giovanni
A family run place, sophisticated but cozy atmosphere and a well-trained Chef/owner – this is the best restaurant in Florence . The menu highlights refine Tuscan delights - try the ribollita (traditional soup) and don't miss the superb bistecca alla fiorentina. Via del Moro 22 055/284897

Florence Japanese Restaurant

A rare sight in Venice, but the Japanese cuisine is top quality making this restaurant very popular. Borgo San Frediano (055 291 840).

Florence Italian Restaurants

In Centro
This Tuscan Restaurant is located in a cellar under the Palazzo Antinori, classic dishes are served here at high prices however, the wine is good and reasonably priced. Via del Trebbio (055 213 768).

The Tuscan fare here is very fresh and diverse. Via delle Terme (055 287 643).

Buca dell'Orafo
Authentic Tuscan food served in a family style setting, located near The Ponte Vecchio. Via Volta dei Girolami (055 213 619).

Florence Mediterranean Restaurants

All tastes are suited at this restaurant, casual trattoria and cafe/bar. Via Verrocchio (055 234 1100).

Moroccan inspired dishes can be found here if you are looking for a change from the Italian fare. Via della Conce (055 200 1831).

Trattoria Cavolo Nero
This elegant eatery not easy to find but, worth looking for. Via dell'Ardiglione (055 294 744).

Florence Seafood Restaurants

I Quattro Amici
Offers many different varieties of seafood dishes in a modern setting. Via degli Orti Oricellari (055 215 413).

Fuor d'Acqua
Fresh seafood caught from the Tuscan coast is served up here. Via Pisana (055 222 299).


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