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If you become worn out from art galleries, churches and museums, you may like to take to the Tuscan countryside that surrounds Florence. There are many great day trips from Florence, where you can visit incredibly old cities and villages, and yes, you can visit many more churches there as well.

To travel outside of Florence the rail service is good and has trains traveling to all the major cities daily.

If you want to view the countryside of Tuscany and surrounds, car hire may be the way to go, this allows you to stop and take in the atmosphere of this very famous wine region.

To drive to cities outside of Florence it is best to take the Autostrade (toll road), this is a fast efficient way to travel through Italy, just remember to watch the signs for your exit to the city you wish to visit. You can collect a ticket at the start of the Autostrade and whenever you exit there will be a toll booth where you can make an automated payment, the toll is calculated on how far you have traveled on that road.

Florence places

There are also many bus tours for half day and full day touring of Florence's Tuscan region.


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