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Although a large city, Florence is compact and very easy to get around, even on foot. Most of the popular sights are in and around the city centre. The Duomo sits at the centre of this historic city and there are several neighborhoods branching out from here, all with their distinct tourist attractions.


The Duomo
It would be very hard not to stumble across this popular heart of Florence. Not only can you see this famous dome from most points of the city, but it's a popular meeting place for tourist groups and tours.

The Duomo's marble steps are often taken up with weary travellers resting their feet and reading their travel books, looking for their next work of art. There are souvenirs and refreshments aplenty in this area but prices are higher in anticipation of the tourists wallets being full. The main Florence attractions here are what most tourists come to see, The Duomo, Baptistery, Giotto's Bell Tower and Ponte Vecchio, as well as many churches and historical buildings.

Santa Maria Novella
Definitely not the prettiest part of Florence but is very functional and often the first port of call as the train station is here.

This neighbourhood is within walking distance to most of inner city attractions and cheaper forms of dining and accommodation can be found here. This precinct is often very busy with tourists, workers and vendors. A highlight and must see is the church of Santa Maria Novella.

Piazza della Signoria
If you are into statues than you will see plenty of the best in this large Piazza. This L shaped square is a few blocks south east of the Duomo. The most famous art gallery in the world is accessed here, the Uffizi, and with it there are hoards of tourists, either in lines waiting to get in or just browsing. The massive complex of Palazzo Vecchio can be viewed here as well. There is plenty of activity here day and night, with dining and entertainment.

San Marco
This is the home of David, he can be found at the Galleria dell'Accademia along with other unfinished works by Michelangelo. Situated just North of the Duomo, the Piazza has a lot of good cafes and eateries. San Marco is more of a residential area of Florence so apart from the main tourist attractions it can be a little quieter, and easier to get around.

San Lorenzo
Hard to miss as it is famous for it's markets and shops and is always a hive of activity. Close to the Duomo the strong smells of leather come from the market stalls, it also houses a large fresh produce market that is undercover.

Santa Croce
This neighbourhood situated at the eastern end of the city has many original leather workshops as well as trendy fashion and shoe boutiques. The Piazza Santa Croce was built in the middle ages and famous for its jousts, tournaments and games. Also found here is the Basilica di Santa Croce known for housing Michelangelo's tomb along with other famous, dead Italians.

Piazza Santa Trinita
This is where you can trip over yourself chasing down some of Italy's famous designers and their wares. Glitzy boutiques offer some original fashion pieces as well as shoes and accessories, all the big labels can be found here. Located close to the Ponte Santa Trinita, a lovely stroll over this bridge gives a great view of the Arno and is a lot less busier than it's cousin up the river the Ponte Vecchio

This area is located on the southern side of the Arno and a must do when in Florence. It is quieter, more luscious and laid back. There are plenty of trendy hotels and eateries here as well as a thriving after dark nightlife. The main tourist attractions are the Pitti Palace and the serene Boboli Gardens. Go that bit further and to get a spectacular view of Florence from the Piazzale Michelangelo. There is a huge car park here as well as a large restaurant with the best view of the city. There is also another replica of David, that is green and covered in bird poo, just the way statues were intended to be.


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