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Florence attracts a young trendy crowd to its streets and Piazzas at nighttime, and the nightlife in the city doesn't disappoint. There are plenty of clubs, pubs, bars and discos to be found, pumping out music until the wee small hours. Most clubs have replaced entrance fees with a drinks card system. The idea is to have the card stamped when you order drinks and you pay the total when you leave.

Auditorium Flog
This venue plays host to live gigs from local bands to national acts. This huge space also feature Dj's and plenty of dancing. Via M Mercati (055 490 437).

This casual venue offers a variety of musical entertainment including jazz, blues and country. Via dei Servi (055 239 6544).

Central Park
This popular venue has four dance floors, one of which is outdoors. Via Fosso Macinante (055 353 505).

This venue is very popular with the younger set, it has a cocktail bar and a courtyard, and is located underground. Corso dei Tintori (055 263 8583).

Jazz Club
Popular with the post thirty set and lovers of Jazz. Live Jazz can be enjoyed on Friday and Saturday nights with other styles of music on most other nights of the week. Via Nuova de' Caccini (055 247 9700).

J.J. Cathedral
Aptly named as you can drink under the shadow of the huge Baptistery in Florence's popular Piazza San Giovanni. There are two floors for drinking and dancing and balconies to enjoy the view and the night air. Piazza San Giovanni (055 280 260)

There are three dance floors here, and is a popular nightclub with locals and tourists. Viale degli Olmi (055 331 371).

Space Electronic
This is a popular dance space with young locals and tourists. There are a couple of levels of dance floors with entertainment being in the form of karaoke and disco. Via Palazzulolo (055 293 082).

This very popular, modern dance venue, hosts well know Italian and international bands. It turns into a vibrant nightclub late at night with Dj's and a packed dancefloor. Via Pratese (055 308 160).

The Fiddler's Elbow
Florence's first Irish pub is very popular with locals, students and tourists, which explains why it often is standing room only. Piazza Santa Maria Novella 7a (055 215 056).

This venue was originally one of Florence's old theatres. Now it is a popular venue for all ages of party goers, and provides a restaurant, bars and dance areas. Via Pisana (055 221 122).

This modern nightclub is only opened from October through to May and provides DJ style music. It is a popular venue as it is located in the heart of Florence. Via Sassetti (055 215 160).


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