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Casa Buonarroti
Known for being the house that Michelangelo owned but never resided in, displays some of his earliest paintings and drawings. There is also a well stocked library and over 200 drawings by Florence's favorite son. Via Ghibellina (055 241 752).

Casa di Dante
A museum devoted to Dante and his work. Here you can have a glimpse into life as it was in Florence when Dante lived here. There are also various editions of his Divine Comedy Via Santa Margherita (055 21 9416).

Loggia del Bigallo
This small musuem has some fine art and sculpture treasures. PIazza San Giovanni (055 230 2885).

Macchine di Leonardo
Displays of Leonardo da Vinci's ideas. Via Cavour 21 (055 29 5264).

Museo Archeologico
This musuem houses some amazing exhibits and relics of Greek, Roman and ancient Egyptian artefacts. Via della Colonna (055 235 75).

Museo degli Argenti
A vast display of the wealth of the Medici dynasty, here you can see displays of jewellery, vases and antiques.This museum consists of 25 rooms which are beautifully decorated, a highlight is the Cameo and Jewelry room. Pallazzo Pitti (055 238 8709).

Museo dell'Antropologia e Etnologia
Established in 1869 and displays unusual exhibits that have a bearing on Italy's history. Via del Proconsolo 12 (055 239 6449).

Museo delle Porcellane
As the name suggests, fine porcelain are the main displays here, with some very intricate pieces that have survived the centuries. Housed in the casino at Giardino di Boboli. (055 265 1816).

Museo di Storia della Scienza
Museum of the History of Science is a historic collection of scientific instruments used in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy including some of the original instruments used by Galileo Galilei. Piazza de Giudici 1 (055 26 5311).

Museo Horne
14th and 15th century collections of paintings, sculptures,furniture, ceramics and coins are displayed here. Via de' Benci (055 244 661).

Museo Marino Marini
Displays over 200 works by the famous Italian sculptor, Marino Marini. Piazza San Pancrazio 1 (055 219 432).

The National Museum of the Bargello
Museo Nazionale Del Bargello houses Renaissance and Mannerist sculpture with works by Michelangelo, Donatello, Ammannati, Bandinelli, Andrea and Jacopo Sansovino, Desiderio da Settignano, Giambologna, and Antonio Rossellino. There are many artistic highlights here including the room dedicated to Andrea del Verrocchio that houses a striking bronze statue of the ever popular David. Via del Proconsolo 4. (055 238 8606).

Museum of Natural History
This vast musuem has categories including Mineralogy and Lithography that has about 45,000 mineral Fragments. Geology and Paleontology that houses about 300,000 fossil and rock specimens as well as a botanical musuem. Via G. La Pira

Museo dell'Opera del Duomo
The Cathedral Museum, with works removed from the Duomo, including sculptures by Donatello. A treasure trove of artworks can be viewed here in airy spaciousness with a highlight being Michelangelo's famous obession Pieta. Piazza del Duomo 9, Florence (055 230 2885).

Museo di San Marco
Designed by Michelozzo and decorated by Fra Angelico during the period 1437 – 1447. A section of this museum is a convent that was converted in 1866 and now houses a treasure trove of religous art works by some of Italy's finest. Piazza San Marco 1 (055 238 8608).

Museo of Sacred Art and the Cloisters
Situated in the Basilica of S.Maria Novella, it houses art and religous relics that belonged to the Dominican Friars.

Museo Salvatore Ferragamo
If you love shoes head to this tiny musuem. 80 years of footwear are diplayed here with most formerly donning some very famous feet. Via de' Tornabuoni (055 336 0456).

Museo Stibbert
This unusual museum is housed in a crumbling 14th century Palazzo outside the walls of the city. Nestled in a beautiful park it houses one of the world's most distinguished collections of centuries old weapons and costumes. Everything from military relics to Botticelli art can be found here. Via Stibbert (055 475 520).

Museo Zoologico La Specola
Don't be expecting to see live animals as this museum houses an absurd collection of preserved and pickled animals and wax models of varying parts of the human anatomy. Via Romana (055 228 8251).

Opificio delle Pietre Dure
Situated in the convent of San Niccolo a highlight are the beautiful stone paintings. Via degli Alfani 78 (055 265 111).


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