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Business Hours
Business hours are usually from 8am to 1pm and then again from 3.30 to 7pm from Monday through to Saturday. Siesta breaks are still followed in Florence however, there has been some move towards the 8am to 2pm workday. Shops vary a lot with their opening hours, most do close on Sundays.

Currency and Money Handling
The currency in Florence is the Euro. Banks are usually the best money exchangers and offer the best rates, you can also try post offices, the Bureau de change commissions can often be the more expensive. Travellers schedules are accepted for exchange at banks and exchange centres. Visa and Mastercard are the most accepted credit cards in Florence.

Italian is spoken everywhere in Florence and the Florentines are not at all interested in listening to English. It is a good idea to know some Italian however, they probably still won't accept your version. Carry a small phrase book with you, it will help to decipher menus and allow you to understand some of the words that come very quickly out of Italian mouths. Pointing to what you want on the menu works and sign language can be effective as well, for instance writing on your hand always means bill please.
Most Italians would rather the english speaking tourists make some effort with the language and seem to really appreciate it when you do. So try to use Buongiorno and Ciao when saying hello, Arrivederci for goodbye, and Grazie for thankyou.

An ambulance can be called on 118. There is an Emergency Room located at Ospedale Santa Maria Nuova, Piazza Santa Maria Nuova 1 (055 275 81).

For an emergency call the Polizia on 113. The main Police Station can be found in Via Zara 2 at San Lorenzo (055 497 71). For problems with pick pockets and other tourist issues, you can contact the multi-lingual Tourist Aid police (055 203 911). Minor crime against tourists is a problem in Venice, especially with pick pockets and bag snatchers. Keep a close eye on your belongings and a tight grip on your handbag and wallet when in the station and at the major tourist attractions. Older tourists are oftened considered easy targets to thiefs.

Florence is generally safe but watch out for pickpockets and purse snatchers.

There are plenty of public payphones around Florence. They can be found at the train station and in the squares, most of them accept phonecards, that you need to purchase at post offices and newstands. Make sure you get the phone card that can be used in the country you are dialling to as there are several different international cards.The area code for Florence is (055) and must be dialled first.
International access code (00)
Local Directory (12)
International Directory (4176)
International Operator (170)
Reverse Charge (170)

Tips are not expected in Italy. If the menu says servizio incluso (usually %15) you are not expected to tip as well. If you wish to tip the taxi driver it is best to round up to the next euro. As always if you are not happy with the service don't tip.

Tourist Information
Azienda Promozione Turistica has a couple of outlets, one in Via A.Manzoni 16 (055 233 200), and one at Via Cavour 1R (055 290 832).
Commune di Firenze has an office in Borgo Santa Croce 29R (055 234 0444).
Uffizio Informazioni Turistiche is located outside the main train terminal, Piazza Stazione (055 212 245).


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