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Like most of Italy, churches are impressive landmarks in the towns and cities and Florence is no exception. Not only are they places of worship but they have become impressive art galleries and museums due to the the high quality art and decorations of their interiors and exteriors. Florence churches are especially impressive as often the art work has been done by world famous artists.

Most churches are open for display but they stick to strict opening hours and are not open for touring when a service is on. Some churches charge a fee to enter and others are free to wander around, there is usually notification of entry costs at the front door.

Florence Churches

A lot of churches in Florence have a dress code and it is enforced, especially if there is a sign out the front stipulating the correct attire for entry. Anyone wearing shorts, short skirts, singlet tops where shoulders are shown, or the midriff showing will not be allowed entry. If you are out sightseeing for the day in Florence there is strong possibility that you will see a church that you would like to enter, so make sure you have dressed according to the dress code. For females it is a good tip to have a light cardigan in your bag to cover up just in case you see a church you would like to enter.

Badia Fiorentina
This 10th century abbey has a romanesque bell tower. Via del Proconsolo

Basilica Di Santa Croce
This is one of Venice's most stunning churches and it contains the tombs of Galileo, Michelangelo, Machiavelli and Dante. The highlight is the Crucifix by Cimabue and the Pazzi Chapel. Piazza Santa Croce 16 (055 246 6105).

Basilica di Santo Spirito
Several chapels here are filled with fine renaissance art. Piazza di Santo Spirito (055 210 030).

This church is stunning visually and is one of Florence's most popular churches with tourists. Famous for it's impressive doors that recreate scenes from the old and new testaments. The doors were affectionately titled 'The Gates of Paradise' by Michelangelo. Piazza San Giovanni (055 230 2885).

Cappella Brancacci
A chapel with frescoes and one of the early works of the Renaissance period. Via Santa Monaca (055 276 8224).

Cappelle Medicee
Designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century and features many of his sculptures. Piazza Madonna degli Aldobrandini (055 238 8602).

Chiesa di Ognissanti
A highlight here is the masterpiece Ultima Cena (Last Supper) by Ghirlandaio. Borgo Ognissanti (055 239 6802).

Chiesa di Santa Margherita
Famous for being Dante's place of worship is this little 11th century church. Via Santa Margherita

Chiesa di SS Michele e Gaetano
This Baroque designed church dates back to the 11th century but was overhauled in the 17th century. Via de' Tornabuoni

Florence's most visible cathedral, known for it's majestic dome.The Duomo took over 150 years to build and started in 1296.You can climb the dome, visit the crypt and marvel at the exquisite stained glass windows when you visit this popular church. Piazza del Duomo (055 230 2885).

Santa Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi
A stunning highlight in this former convent is the fresco of the crucifiction of Christ. Borgo Pinti 58 (055 247 8420).

Santa Maria Novella
The church houses Trinita by Masaccio and frescos by Paolo Uccello. The Spanish Chapel has early Renaissance frescoes. Piazza di Santa Maria Novella (055 21 5918).

San Lorenzo
The incomplete façade provides for a rustic appearance whilst inside the church is a good example the Renaissance period. At the back are the Medici chapels. The sacristy has nine Michelangelo sculptures. Piazza San Lorenzo (055 21 6634).

San Miniato al Monte
An 11th Century church on top of a hill. Has a chapel with frescoes by Spinello Aretino and in the cemetery is the grave of Carlo Lorenzi author of Pinocchio. Via delle Porte Sante (055 234 2731).

Santa Trinita
Built in the 13th Century on the Oltrarno side of the Ponte Vecchio with frescos by Pontormo depicting the life of St Francis of Assissi. Piazza di Santa Trinita (055 21 6912).


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