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It is easy to be a successful tourist in Florence. The city is small and you cannot go wrong when staying in any location. The city center can be effectively defined as being the area surround Il Duomo . As you navigate the narrow streets, it will be your best point of orientation, and is conveniently one of the best attractions you will inevitably see while in Florence. The city is remarkably easy to traverse, despite the small, seemingly disorganized streets, meaning that any hostel you choose that is within practical walking distance of the Duomo will be in a great location to serve any Florentine fix.

To the south of the Duomo is a small, humble hostel called Tourist House Santa Croce. Named for the nearby church, you can find a bed here for as little as $25. Tourist House has a small but helpful staff that will point you in the right direction, no matter what it is that you are looking for. Immediately surrounding the hostel is a bevy of nightlife. With the right weather at night, the surrounding streets will be packed with happy people, loving the city. You might not want to be so close to this area if Florence's nightlife is not high on your list of things to experience, but if it is, Tourist House is the perfect location to experience several clubs, bars and late-night  Döner  kebab places without walking more than a block. 

For a more neutral location that will still be appropriate for seeing the best sights in Florence, there is Hostel Santa Monaca. Located just across the famous Ponte Vecchio, you can get a bed for around $22. The southwestern side of the river is less busy and, some would say, even a bit more romantic. Santa Monaca upholds this reputation by being situated in a 15th century convent. The city is so easily traversed that again, even if it is removed from the absolute center of the city, you will have no trouble getting there.

Florence has a number of Backpackers and Hostels which are very good value. Remember its not just for backpackers there are some great cheap places to stay to suit a variety of different types of travellers. Please use the search engine to locate and book. Only part payment is made!


To Compare the backpacker accommodation found above to another system to help you find the best deals try the search below to find out more. If you are planning on travelling outside of Florence or Italy then have a look at the World hostels or visit Florence backpackers if you would like to see a list of available hostels in Florence.


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