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Florence is famous for it's magnificient artwork so it is not suprising that most people come here to view several of the many galleries in this city. There are two that seem to attract the longest lines, Galleria dell'Accademia and The Uffizi.

The line ups to enter, especially at peak tourist times are very long, hot and tiring. Pre booking your tickets before you arrive is the best chance to get into the galleries quickly and comfortably. Both galleries require you to pass through a security check and once that is done you are free to roam at your leisure.

Galleria dell'Accademia is not large and will only require one or two hours of your time, however, Uffizi could take all day depending on how long the line ups are at the more popular rooms and if you wish to take your time with every work of art.

Florence art galleries

Cenacolo di Santo Spirto
A collection of 11 th Century Roamesque sculpture. Piazza di Santo Spirito 29 (055 28043).

Galleria dell'Accademia
Home of Michangelo's David sculpted in 1501 and believed to be the most beautiful man ever created in art form. There are also an interesting collection of unfinished sculptures by Michelangelo as well as a fine collection of ancient musical instruments. However, once in the room with David it is very hard to look at anything else, and make sure you take your time with him as photos are not allowed with the camera police watching carefully. Thousands flock to Venice to see David, making the line up at this gallery quite long, pre booking before you arrive can turn a two hour wait into a 10 minute one. Via Ricasoli (055 238 8609).

Galleria d'Arte Moderna
Artworks here are from the 18th to 20th century, modern for Italy's old and rich art history. Work by Tuscan impressionists feature strongly at this gallery. Palazzo Pitti (055 238 8616).

Galleria del Costume
The focus of this gallery is dresses and outfits, with some styles dating back to 1700's. A good display tracing the history of fashion in Florence. Palazzo Pitti (055 238 8713).

Galleria degli Uffizi.
The finest and the oldest art gallery in the world was built in the mid 16th century. It is filled with some of the best artworks by the most famous artists ever known. There are 45 rooms so make sure you take your time to select the artworks you wish to see and head to those rooms first. You can see Da Vinci in room 15, Michelangelo in room 25, Raphael in 26 and Botticelli in room 10 and it goes on and on. Rooms 31 and 32 are pretty spectacular as well. There is an audio tour system that you can hire that will give you a run down on what you are viewing. The line up's seem to last all day so advanced bookings are advised. If you have booked you need to take your confirmation letter to another office in the building however, they will only accept that 15 minutes prior to your booked time, so it will be of no benefit to you to arrive any earlier or you will be turned away until then. Another important tip for this gallery, try to find a toilet before you enter as the line up here is pretty long too, especially for females. Piazzale degli Uffizi, 50122. (055 238 8651).

Galleria Palatina
Found in the Palazzo Pitti complex this gallery has a large selection of masterpieces featuring a good range of Rapheal's works. Palazzo Pitti

Galleria Pananti
If you are looking for some modern Italian art this gallery is the place to go. It hosts contemporary exhibitions and is an art auction house as well. Via Maggio, Oltrano (055 274 1011).

Galleria Santo Ficara
This is known in Florence as an important city gallery with modern art from Italian and international artists. Via Ghibellina, Santa Croce (055 234 0239).

Loggia della Signoria
More of an arcade than a gallery and features some beautiful sculpture and painting in an open air format. Piazza della Signoria


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